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Our Reccomendation

Choose specialties recommended by our chefs

In China, cooking is considered as an art form. Chinese believe that eating is not just a need, but also a pleasure that gives us health and harmony, peace of mind and longevity.

The Chinese cuisine is one of the most popular and the most healthy ones in the world. The food is shortly heat-treated and in that way all vitamins and nutritional value of ingredients are preserved. In this cuisine, there is no saturated fat and sugar.

Chinese restaurants can be found in almost all countries in the world. Many people attribute the success of Chinese cuisine to perfectly balanced ingredients in each dish.

Hot and sour soup

Sweet and sour shrimps

Chinese soy sauce chicken wings

Beef with bamboo shoots and mushrooms

Beef, Szechuan style (hot)

Crispy chicken with oyster sauce

Stir-fried Squid with Vegetables

Chicken with almond

Fried rice with egg

Deep-fried chocolate with ice cream